Afrimash Market: Shop from nearby suppliers

Choose from an array of close suppliers

You will get a good bargain and best shipping price from suppliers closest to you. You are free to choose the deal that looks great to you.

Get "buyer protection"

We protect you all the way from payment to reception of your item. We keep your payment in Afrimash Holding Account until your item is delivered to you.

Clarify if necessary

You can ask a question or chat with the supplier before delivery to ensure there is no confusion anywhere.

Everything is seamless.

Shopping from suppliers closest to you

How to Shop

on Afrimash Market

  • Search for the item you need through search button or categories
  • Confirm the location of the supplier before placing your order
  • Send your payment to Afrimash Holding Account. We will pay the supplier when you confirm delivery.

Be sure to select items in your location or visit the item category and use the map to filter items

Add the item to cart or ask a question or chat with the seller. Make payment online or via transfer and checkout.

You can use the categories to narrow down options to the ones closest to you.

Relax and have your items delivered to you as agreed.

Create your store by registering as a seller. You will get a store address in this format[name]

Take orders from customers. You will be able to chat with them to answer questions or assign one or more people to handle your chats

Individually add the products that you want to sell to your store.

Get paid once you have delivered to the customer as you described in your online store or as agreed via chat with the customer on our website.

Selling to customers closest to you

How to Sell

on Afrimash Market

  • You can sell any essential item like feeds, food, medicines, agricultural equipment, etc anywhere in Nigeria. 
  • Simply sign up with us and select a membership plan. 
  • You can start with our free membership which enables you to have your own store, list products, sell, and collect your funds. 
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